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Music I listen to

rock, metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal, power metal, punk rock, progressive rock and alternative rock

People I look up to

Matthew Bellamy

sir captian james cook

Places to visit before you turn 100

mexico(going there this year lol)
easter islands
machu pichu

Interesting facts about me

Some say he once killed a man called irishdude and yet some say he cannot stand people shouting hello at him all we know is that he is called: Martyn

People i share my birthday with

Leonardo Da Vinci
Guru Nanak Dev (founder of Sikhism)
Catherine Ist of Russia
Emma Watson

People who died on the same date as my birthday

Abraham Lincoln
Edward Smith (captain of titanic)

Important dates on the same date as my birthday

Lincoln assassinated
Titanic sinks

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  1. 03/10/09

    i cant find you anyways do i know you?
    Original comment »


    Reply from englishdude:

    try martyboy208

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Upcoming events

27th march- sgt melins birthday
13th april- generals bodyguards birthday
15th april- my birthday
15th july- nuccios birthday
25th july- kaisers birthday
10th october- R.As birthday
8th november- Wellblechs birthday

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